An Ultimate Guide to Score 79+ in PTE Exam (Tips & Strategy 2020)

An Ultimate Guide to Score 79+ in PTE Exam (Tips & Strategy 2020)

What is the PTE exam and How it works?

If you’re looking for ultimate PTE Score Guide that helps you to score 79+ in PTE Exam than you need to know first what is PTE and how it works?

Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic) is a global computer-based English test. It provides a measure of a candidate’s language skills to help educational institutions and government departments that need a standard of English proficiency for admission of students.

PTE exam is a fully computerized test which means that a computer scores your exam. The computer is trained on Artificial Intelligence algorithms and can check all the sections of PTE including Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. Thus, there is no chance of human biases in this exam, so it is a popular exam in Australia.

A 79+ score in the PTE exam (Pearson Test of English Academic) is proof of an individual’s superior skilled English level. It gives you 20 points in the points test system of the General Skilled Migration (GSM).

There is no shortcut or a magic spell to score 79+ in the PTE Exam but there are surely a lot of cleverer and efficient ways you can reach this score level.

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This guide will help to understand the details of the PTE exam including tips & strategies to score 79, different question types, the automated scoring system in PTE, and thus enabling you to achieve your desired score.

For more details about PTE exam Automated scoring,

Click here: https://pearsonpte.com/the-test/about-our-scores/how-is-the-test-scored/

PTE Exam Tips: Speaking Section

PTE Speaking contributes 45 marks to Listening and 34 points to Reading sections. So, we call PTE Speaking as the backbone of the PTE exam.It is checked by an automated computer system which is trained on Speaking responses of thousands of people coming from different cultural backgrounds.

The PTE speaking module is checked on three parameters including Oral fluency, Pronunciation, and Content.

  • Oral Fluency: It is very important, so speak fluently. Avoid pauses, hesitations, and repetitions as the computer will give you less score in Speaking.
  • Speak at a Natural Pace: Don’t be too fast or too slow. A medium speed which is smooth is recommended.
  • Pronunciation: Speak clearly and produce the actual sound of the word.
  • Volume: Again, stay at medium level. Try not to be too loud as it can affect your fluency due to have breathing issues
  • Accent: Try to stay in your natural accent, don’t fake it.
  • PTE Microphone Position: Important to keep your mic just between your mouth and nose. Test it before you start your exam.
  • Templates: Some questions like PTE Describe Image and PTE Retell Lecture are entirely based on templates. So, know them, practice using these templates.

Writing Section

Templates: This section is completely based on PTE essay templates and shortcuts. So, make sure you know them and practice accordingly.

Proofreading: Very important. Leave 2-3 minutes to check your spelling and grammar.

Time Management: Understand the timings of each question including Summarize Written Text and Essay

Reading Section

This section gives 22 marks approximately to Writing Sections. So, it is important to do well in this section to score higher not only in PTE Reading but also writing module.

This is the only section in PTE where there are no shortcuts and templates. Hence, students struggle the most in this section. However, with the right guidance and practice, it is possible to get 79 in reading also.

The PTE Reading tests your understanding skills of Academic text from different fields including Science, history, literature, Medicine, and Technology.

➢  Focus: It is important to stay 100% focused on this section.

➢  Speed: You also need to have a good speed to manage time in PTE Reading.

➢  Vocabulary: Learnt the most important 500 words in Academic English to improve your Reading Score.

➢  Strategy: PTE reading Fill in the Blanks will need a good approach and strategy to get high accuracy in this question. So, make sure you practice a lot of questions before your exam.

PTE Listening Tips & Tricks

It is a very important section as it contributes 45 marks to PTE writing. So, if you want good marks in Writing and Listening section, you need to perform well in the Listening section.

To score high in PTE Listening, you will need to have good listening skills. Practicing will help you to know your performance level and knowing how long you have to go.

  • Important Questions: You should which questions are most important (Write from Dictation, Summarize Spoken Text, fill in the Blanks, Highlight Incorrect Words)
  • Not Important Questions: Important to know which questions are not important so that you can save time in such questions, so don’t waste time on questions which are not important such as Multiple-Choice questions and Select Missing Word
  • Time Management: This section will be very quick, so be smart and quick.
  • Proofreading: As you will have to write answers in many questions, so make sure you always check your Spelling and Grammar
  • Templates: Use a good template for Summarize Spoken Text

Final PTE Exam Tips

Find the Best PTE Exam Center: Firstly, you find the best PTE exam test centre in your city.

Reach on Time: Make sure you arrive 30 minutes before the test starts, in that case, you can get familiar with the test centre and start your exam with peace of mind.

Time Management: It is the key to success in the PTE exam. Time is really important especially for Reading and Listening section, so calculate the time properly so that you spend the correct amount of time in each question  For example if there are 32 minutes in total in reading Section, and there are 16 questions you spend roughly 2 minutes on each question, and so on.

Background Noise: The exam centre will be crowded, so it may get noisy. Don’t focus on the noise coming from other students in the Speaking Section.

Microphone Position: Put a microphone between nose and mouth level. Many people put a microphone around the mouth and it’s not the right position. The reason for that is when we are Speaking, we constantly produce this burst of air especially for certain words, so make sure you put the microphone near your nose, in that case, it can produce less noise and it’s better for your score.

Take your Optional Break: You will be given a 10-minute break before the listening section starts; we recommend you take it so that you don’t start listening section with a tired mind.

Good Sleep & Breakfast: It may seem like a funny point, but t can have a major impact on your performance on PTE exam day. So have a good sleep and have your breakfast with coffee so that you are fresh and energetic during the exam.

Practice + Guidance + Confidence = Success Formula for PTE exam

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