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PTE Mock Test is a must for any student aiming to clear PTE Academic

PTE Mock Test is a must for any student aiming to clear PTE Academic. It gives you the real exam experience while practising and enhances your performance in real PTE Exam.

Our PTE Online Software gives you 10 section-wise tests of each module in PTE. It also includes 3 full mock tests. These tests not only give you the experience of how the actual exam will be, but also helps you to improve step-by step in PTE. Moreover, the tests are evaluated by training team to provide you a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses in PTE.

We can also provide you a Scored Pearson Mock Exam. We always recommend you to give this scored test roughly 1 week before your exam day. This test gives you a more deeper experience of real PTE exam with nearly same testing environment, same test headphones and score report.

Enhance your PTE preparation with Scored Mock Tests

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Are you new for PTE or Do you want to get a free PTE practice test or mock test for PTE. We are happy to provide you PTE full mock test with answers. You can contact us on 0420718007 or fill out the contact form below.

This will be a free mock test PTE or a sample test which you can attempt sitting at home using our software. It will be a 2.5 hour exam which will familiarise you about PTE exam structure and question types. Not only this, we can also provide you a 15 min. free consultation with an experienced PTE trainer.

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