PTE Reading

The PTE reading part assesses the reading skills of the candidate using different types of questions.

The PTE reading part assesses the reading skills of the candidate using different types of questions. To score high in this section, it is important for the test taker to possess the skills of understanding the academic written English because it includes complex vocabulary and sentences. So, it is important for you to improve academic vocabulary to perform better in PTE reading.

There will be 15-20 questions in this section.

The different types of questions in this module are as follows:

  1. Fill in the blanks: Reading and Writing
  2. Multiple Choice Multiple Answers
  3. Re-order Paragraphs
  4. Fill in the blanks: Reading
  5. Multiple Choice Single Answer
PTE Reading in Parramatta


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Understanding questions types, scoring system, important questions and practising regularly are recommended things to score higher in PTE reading. It is also important to develop good academic vocabulary to score higher in this section. Also, if necessary, you must take coaching to understand the strategies required to approach reading section questions, especially fill in the blanks, which carry the highest score. It requires determination and lots of practice to get 79+ score in this module. So, we recommend to practice PTE reading regularly to achieve your desired score. 

  • Skim the text and given options quickly
  • Read to understand the context¬†
  • Look for Keywords given just near the Blanks
  • Look for positive and negative context , grammar hints, and confusion pairs.
  • Always do the easiest options first to save time and increase confidence
  • Sometimes, hint is given in the next sentence of the previous sentence
Tips to Build Vocabulary for PTE
  1. Learn 5-10 words daily.
  2. Write down new words while practising PTE Reading
  3. Use Merriam Webster Dictionary
  4. Improve Vocabulary using synonyms.

You need to ace three questions to score 90 in this module including fill in the blank questions, read aloud & reorder paragraphs. To achieve this, joining a PTE coaching centre is highly recommended as you can learn faster from experienced trainers. So, practice PTE reading regularly to achieve a perfect 90 in this module.

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